Join the Associates of the American Revolution Institute today and help perpetuate the memory of the people and events that secured our national independence, created our national identity, and articulated our highest ideals.

George Washington and his officers created the Society of the Cincinnati in 1783 to carry out this work. The revolutionaries called their movement “the glorious cause.” Now you can join them and support their cause as an Associate of the American Revolution Institute of the Society of the Cincinnati.

As an Associate, you will support the important work of the American Revolution Institute. The Institute encourages scholarly inquiry, good teaching, popular understanding, and the preservation of the battlefields where our independence was won. You will be joining in the work of an organization as old as our republic, founded by the heroes of the Revolution themselves.

We live in a time of great opportunity and great promise. As we look forward to a bright future, we need all Americans to appreciate how much we benefit from the energy, imagination, and sacrifices of the remarkable generation that won our national independence and created the greatest republic in world history. We need to keep their story alive. We invite you to share in that great work.