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The Society of the Cincinnati is the nation’s oldest patriotic organization, founded in 1783 by officers of the Continental Army who served together in the American Revolution. Its mission is to promote knowledge and appreciation of the achievement of American independence and to foster fellowship among its members. Now a nonprofit educational organization devoted to the principles and ideals of its founders, the modern Society maintains its headquarters, library, and museum at Anderson House in Washington, D.C.

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Explore the rich history of the Society of the Cincinnati in articles and essays that delve into important events in the organization’s history, the lives and contributions of prominent members, and documents and objects associated with the Society. One new feature discusses the membership of British prime minister Winston Churchill.

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You can help support our mission by becoming a hereditary member of the Society of the Cincinnati or by joining the Associates of the American Revolution Institute of the Society of the Cincinnati. Members of the Society of the Cincinnati are male descendants of Revolutionary War officers who fought for American independence. Associates of the American Revolution Institute only need to share a commitment to our mission to promote the understanding and appreciation of the American Revolution and its legacy.

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Tour the Society’s historic headquarters, Anderson House, from wherever you are through our virtual tour video. Combining sweeping views of the mansion’s interiors with closeups of the collections and archival images, the virtual tour highlights the beauty and history of the mansion, as well as its purpose today as the headquarters of the Society of the Cincinnati.

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