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The Society of the Cincinnati has over 3,900 members residing in the United States, France, and over twenty-five other countries. The youngest hereditary members are in their twenties. The oldest are over one hundred. A few members—great-great grandsons of their propositi—are only four generations removed from the officers of the Revolutionary War. Some of the youngest members—great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandsons of their propositi — are nine generations removed. Some are direct descendants in an unbroken male line of members reaching back to the founding of the Society. Many more have joined under the Rule of 1854, which allows for the representation of otherwise qualified Continental officers who, for whatever reason, never joined the Society.

Regardless of these differences, the members of the Society of the Cincinnati share a personal connection to the officers in the Continental and French service who secured the independence of the United States. They also share a personal tie to one another as fellow members of the oldest hereditary society in the United States.