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The following selected bibliographies provide recommended books and articles for further reading on subjects related to the Society's mission, ranging from the history of the Society of the Cincinnati and Anderson House to sources for teaching the American Revolution. Most works highlighted in the lists below are published reference materials and are held in the Society's library or can be found readily in academic and public libraries.

Anderson House and the Anderson Family download

Sources that support research on a variety of topics related to Anderson House and the Anderson family, including architecture, collecting, entertaining, patriotism, politics and diplomacy, and travel. These sources provide information about Anderson House, Larz and Isabel Anderson, and their collections, as well as the Gilded Age and Progressive Era and the history of Washington, D.C., to help place Anderson House and its first occupants in context.

Art of War in the Eighteenth Century download

Works on military and naval art and science in circulation in the eighteenth century are the primary focus of the Society's Robert Charles Lawrence Fergusson Collection. This selected list of sources on the subject gives context for the study of the early printed books and manuscripts in the Society's collections.

The British Forces in the Revolutionary War download

Selected readings on the history of the organization, operation, and commanding officers of the British Army and Navy during the American Revolutionary War.

The Continental Forces in the Revolutionary War download

Selected readings on the history of the organization, administration, and operations of the Continental Army and Navy during the American Revolutionary War.

France and the American Revolution download

Published primary sources and modern reference works dealing with aspects of French participation in the American Revolution, including army and naval activities and diplomacy.

Published Works of Isabel Anderson (1876-1948) download

A bibliography of works by Isabel Anderson, including stories and plays for children and adults, poems, travelogues, personal memoirs, and family histories.

The Society of the Cincinnati download

Readings relevant to the history of the Society of the Cincinnati, from its founding in 1783 to the present. Among the works listed are ones that address the early controversy surrounding the establishment of the Society, histories of the constituent societies, and works on the Society's emblems of membership.

Teaching the American Revolution download

A practical list for teachers and parents of books on the American Revolution. All of the books recommended are in print and readily available from bookstores or online vendors.

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