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Since 1975, the Society of the Cincinnati has sponsored the annual George Rogers Clark Lecture, which recognizes the scholarship of leading historians of the American Revolution. Some of the Clark Lecturers—most notably Edmund S. Morgan, whose The Genius of George Washington is a classic of Washington scholarship—have presented lectures that stand alone as important works of scholarship. Others, including David McCullough, have offered a very personal perspective on one of their major published works. Gordon S. Wood and others have distilled a generation of classroom teaching and scholarship into a synthesis illuminating the major significance of the American Revolution. Still others, including David Hackett Fischer, have offered a glimpse of the historian's craft by presenting a lecture based on their ongoing research.

George Rogers Clark

Lectures from 1975 to present

  • 2019

    John Hardman
    Louis XVI and the War of American Independence
  • 2018

    Kathleen DuVal
    The American Revolution on the Spanish Borderlands
  • 2017

    Robert Allison
    Was the American Revolution Inevitable?
  • 2016

    Andrew O'Shaughnessy
    The British Empire and the Causes of the American Revolution
  • 2015

    Maya Jasanoff
    American Loyalists in the Revolutionary World
  • 2014

    James Kirby Martin
    George Washington and the Newburgh Conspiracy
  • 2013

    Carol Berkin
    "It Was I Who Did It": Women in the American Revolution
  • 2012

    Walter Edgar
    The American Revolution in the South: A Story Seldom Told
  • 2011

    Pauline Maier
    The People Debate the Constitution
  • 2010

    David Hackett Fischer
    George Washington and the Extraordinary Allen McLane
  • 2009

    Joanne B. Freeman
    The Crisis Mentality of the 1790s: Dirty Nasty Politics in the New Republic
  • 2008

    Garry Wills
    Houdon's Washington: An Artist between Revolutions
  • 2007

    Ron Chernow
    Hamilton, Washington, and the Birth of the American Republic
  • 2006

    Bernard Bailyn
    Why Britain Lost the American Revolution
  • 2005

    Thomas Fleming
    A Visit to Valley Forge
  • 2004

    David McCullough
  • 2003

    Gordon S. Wood
    The American Revolutionary Tradition and the World
  • 2002

    Ira D. Gruber
    From Caesar to Vauban: Books, the British Army Officer, and the Conduct of War in the Age of the American Revolution
  • 2001

    Richard Buel, Jr.
    The Critical Role of Corn, Cows, and Cuba in the Revolutionary War
  • 2000

    Richard Norton Smith
    Untrodden Ground: Washington Invents the Presidency
  • 1999

    John K. Alexander
    "Remember the Ladies"—Women in the American Revolution
  • 1998

    Timothy H. Breen
    Mobilizing Colonial Consumers for Independence
  • 1997

    Don Higginbotham
    Washington The Unifier
  • 1996

    William M. Fowler, Jr.
    Silas Talbot: An American Hero
  • 1995

    Fred Anderson
    The Hinge of the Revolution: July 3
  • 1994

    Dave R. Palmer
    From Revolution to Republic: America, Its Army and the Birth of a Nation
  • 1993

    John M. Murrin
    War, Revolution and Nation-Making: The American Revolution versus the Civil War
  • 1992

    Robert K. Wright, Jr.
    A New Look at the Southern Campaigns: A Contingency Operation?
  • 1991

    Minor Myers, Jr.
    Another L'Enfant Creation, the Cincinnati Eagle
  • 1990

    William James Morgan
    Out of a Little, A Great Deal Will Grow: The American War at Sea
  • 1989

    Charles McC. Mathias
    Exalted Rights and Liberties
  • 1988

    George Athan Billias
    Elbridge Gerry: Defender of Republican Faith
  • 1987

    Hobart G. Cawood
    Celebrating the Bicentennial of the Constitution
  • 1986

    Allan R. Millett
    Whatever Became of the Militia in the History of the American Revolution?
  • 1985

    John R. Galvin
    Parker at Lexington: Role of Perspective and Context
  • 1984

    Russell F. Weigley
    Generals Building an Army: American Military Command in the War of Independence
  • 1982

    John W. Shy
    Understanding General Washington
  • 1979

    Page Smith
    Reflections on the Nature of Leadership
  • 1977

    Edmund S. Morgan
    The Genius of George Washington
  • 1976

    J. H. Plumb
    New Light on the Tyrant George III
  • 1975

    Samuel Eliot Morison
    The Conservative American Revolution