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Boom! Artillery in the American Revolution

October 1, 2016 — March 26, 2017

To win their independence, Americans had to create an effective artillery service able to challenge the British on the battlefield. They had to do all of this with little experience or preparation, while fighting a war with a major European power with a well-trained professional army, the world's largest navy, factories to manufacture munitions, craft facilities to build and maintain equipment, and a well-established system for recruiting and training artillerists.

Boom! Artillery in the American Revolution traces the development of the Continental Artillery during the Revolutionary War, a process shaped by broader technological and organizational changes in artillery that transformed it into a dominant force on European and American war battlefields. Henry Knox is the central character in this story. Appointed colonel and given command of the Continental Artillery at the age of twenty-five, Knox drove the development of the artillery service for the entire Revolutionary War. The artifacts, books, maps, manuscripts, and other objects in the exhibition are drawn from the collections of the Society of the Cincinnati, most importantly from its Robert Charles Lawrence Fergusson Collection, which documents the art of war in the eighteenth century.

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