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Organized in Hillsborough, North Carolina, October 23, 1783
Last meeting of the original society held in Halifax, July 4, 1791
Reorganized in Raleigh, April 4, 1896
Incorporated in the State of North Carolina, February 16, 1899
Readmitted as a constituent society by the General Society, June 17, 1902

The North Carolina Society was the eleventh constituent society to organize. Sixty former officers of the North Carolina Continental Line gathered for their first meeting in Hillsborough on October 23, 1783. They elected Brig. Gen. Jethro Sumner as their first president; Col. Thomas Clark, vice president; Chaplain Adam Boyd, secretary; and Lt. Col. Hardy Murfree, treasurer.

Despite post-war financial hardships and difficulties in travel and communication, the original members of the North Carolina Society met regularly for the first several years. Members gathered and hosted events to honor President George Washington during his southern tour in 1791, but after that year the North Carolina Society ceased its formal meetings.

Descendants of the original members reorganized the North Carolina Society in 1896, and it was readmitted to the General Society in 1902.

Society Officers

for the Triennium 2019 - 2022

  • President General

    William Pless Lunger
    North Carolina Society
  • Vice President General

    Frank Keech Turner, Jr.
    Maryland Society
  • Secretary General

    Joel Thomas Daves IV
    Virginia Society
  • Treasurer General

    Francis Ellerbe Grimball
    South Carolina Society
  • Assistant Secretary General

    William Postell Raiford
    North Carolina Society
  • Assistant Treasurer General

    Robert Mosby Turnbull
    Virginia Society