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Organized in Exeter, New Hampshire, November 28, 1783
Last meeting of the original society held in Portsmouth,
July 4, 1824
Reorganized in Concord, September 18, 1893, and July 4, 1896
Incorporated in the State of New Hampshire, March 17, 1897
Readmitted as a constituent society by the General Society, June 17, 1902

The New Hampshire Society was the last of the American branches to be organized. Veteran officers of the New Hampshire Continental Line founded the New Hampshire Society on November 28, 1783, at the Folsom Tavern in Exeter. They elected as its first officers: Brig. Gen. John Sullivan, president; Lt. Col. Henry Dearborn, vice president; Capt. Ebenezer Sullivan, secretary; Col. Joseph Cilley, treasurer; and Capt. Jonathan Cass, assistant treasurer. The New Hampshire Society ultimately included thirty-one original members.

By the 1790s, the New Hampshire Society struggled to attract members to its annual meetings, which were held on the Fourth of July in taverns and homes primarily in Exeter and Portsmouth. The last recorded meeting was held July 4, 1824, after which the New Hampshire Society ceased to function. Descendants of the original members revived the New Hampshire Society in the 1890s. In the early twentieth century, the New Hampshire Society acquired two historic buildings in Exeter—the Folsom Tavern, where the society was founded in 1783, and the Ladd-Gilman House, which served as the state treasury building during part of the Revolutionary War. Today these sites are part of the American Independence Museum.

Society Officers

for the Triennium 2019 - 2022

  • President General

    William Pless Lunger
    North Carolina Society
  • Vice President General

    Frank Keech Turner, Jr.
    Maryland Society
  • Secretary General

    Joel Thomas Daves IV
    Virginia Society
  • Treasurer General

    Francis Ellerbe Grimball
    South Carolina Society
  • Assistant Secretary General

    William Postell Raiford
    North Carolina Society
  • Assistant Treasurer General

    Robert Mosby Turnbull
    Virginia Society