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Organized in New Windsor, New York, June 9, 1783
First meeting in Massachusetts held in Boston,
February 18, 1784
Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
March 13, 1806


The Massachusetts Society was one of the first constituent branches formed by officers of the Continental Army at New Windsor, New York, within weeks of the founding of the Society of the Cincinnati. The Massachusetts Society's organizing meeting, called by Maj. Gen. William Heath, took place on June 9, 1783—the same date that the New York Society was established. With Brig. Gen. John Paterson presiding, ballots were cast for the Massachusetts Society officers, and Maj. Gen. Benjamin Lincoln was elected president; Maj. Gen. Henry Knox, vice president; Col. John Brooks, secretary; and Col. Henry Jackson, treasurer.

The Massachusetts Society became the largest American constituent society, with 343 original members. It is one of only six constituent societies to have remained in continuous operation since its founding.

Society Officers

for the Triennium 2016 - 2019

  • President General

    Jonathan Tufts Woods
    New Hampshire Society
  • Vice President General

    William Pless Lunger
    North Carolina Society
  • Secretary General

    John Christopher Harvey
    New Jersey Society
  • Treasurer General

    Frank Keech Turner, Jr.
    Maryland Society
  • Assistant Secretary General

    Joel Thomas Daves IV
    Virginia Society
  • Assistant Treasurer General

    Peter Mapes Dodge
    New York Society