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Organized at West Point, New York, July 4, 1783
First meeting in Connecticut held in Hartford, March 17, 1784
Last meeting of the original society held in Hartford,
July 4, 1804
Reorganized in Hartford, July 4, 1888
Incorporated by the State of Connecticut, April 10, 1895
Readmitted as a constituent society by the General Society,
May 13, 1896

The Connecticut Society was the fifth of the constituent societies formed and the last one organized by officers while still in cantonment along the Hudson River. Gathering at West Point, New York, on the Fourth of July, 1783, officers of the Connecticut Line elected Brig. Gen. Jedediah Huntington as president; Col. Heman Swift, vice president; Lt. Col. Jonathan Trumbull, Jr., secretary; Lt. Col. Ebenezer Huntington, treasurer; and Maj. David Smith, assistant treasurer. The following March, fifty-seven veteran officers reunited in Hartford for the first meeting held in Connecticut.

Over the next two decades, the Connecticut Society tried unsuccessfully to secure incorporation in the state of Connecticut. The Connecticut Society voted to dissolve on July 4, 1804, and donated the balance of its treasury to Yale College.

Exactly eighty-four years later, on July 4, 1888, the Connecticut Society was reorganized in the Senate Chamber of the State Capitol in Hartford. Articles of Incorporation were approved on April 10, 1895, and the following year the Connecticut Society was readmitted as a constituent society of the General Society.

Society Officers

for the Triennium 2019 - 2022

  • President General

    William Pless Lunger
    North Carolina Society
  • Vice President General

    Frank Keech Turner, Jr.
    Maryland Society
  • Secretary General

    Joel Thomas Daves IV
    Virginia Society
  • Treasurer General

    Francis Ellerbe Grimball
    South Carolina Society
  • Assistant Secretary General

    William Postell Raiford
    North Carolina Society
  • Assistant Treasurer General

    Robert Mosby Turnbull
    Virginia Society